Records Management Specialist


  • Full time, Immediate


  • Arlington, VA

Job Summary

  • As a the Records Management Specialist assigned OBO/PDCS/DE, the contractor provides a wide range of professional administrative and document control assistance to OBO mid and senior-level management, other professionals, and technical staff engaged to carry out the design and  construction of projects in Design and Engineering.


  • Assists in the preparation and publication of studies and plans, including responsibility, as directed,
    for collecting, organizing, and incorporating data for a wide range of documents.

  • Manages the receipt and distribution of design and engineering submissions from contracted
    architectural and engineering firms, in both soft and hardcopy format.

  • Confers with assigned Design and or Project Manager to determine distribution to appropriate project team members for technical review.

  • Manages ProjNet; a system used by internal and external clients to capture, store, and communicate
    technical comments to the contracted A/E as they relate to a particular project under design and or
    construction. This includes serving as the point of contact for internal and external clients to request and gain access to ProjNet; establishing review deadlines; developing and maintaining design schedules using applicable software; and works closely with the Design Manager and or Project Manager to ensure reviews are completed and closed out as scheduled.

  • Communicates with DE management officials and co-workers in both informal conversations and
    formal presentations, and delivers short briefings and presentations concerning administrative, clerical, and other non-technical matters.

  • Gathers and collects program data or information following routine search procedures.

  • Conducts research in office and division files and database systems to locate data and background information, as requested.

  • Assembles and summarizes data, background information, and other materials from
    publications and other sources.

  • Assists DE management in coordinating and monitoring the implementation of planning activities to
    ensure accomplishments of objectives.

  • Helps in the identification of unresolved issues that arise in the course of implementation and checks back periodically to see that the implementation is proceeding as planned.

Reporting and Documentation

  • In response to inquiries from public, media, or elected
    representatives, contractor drafts statements, interpretations, or clarifications of United States
    Government policy, criteria, or procedures associated with the programmatic requirements of a
    particular project.

  • Develops and ensures the applicability of current program criteria (OBO guidelines for agency-wide
    use) relating to programs within Design and Engineering.

  • The duties of the Program Analyst may also include, but are not limited to: Updating delegated tasks
    to ensure progress to deadlines; Keeping projects on schedule; Updating schedules; and Management of administrative details.

Required Skills/Abilities

  • Detail-oriented and efficient in providing customer service in adverse situations and ability to stay
    attentive when dealing with customers.

  • Organizational skills including but not limited to tracking and maintenance of documentation, project workflow, storage of electronic documentation and files,
    schedule management, and meeting coordination and set-up.

  • Ability to provide efficient services to support various staff members, priorities, commitments, and
    program goals.

  • Ability to use judgment and to show confidence and poise needed to communicate effectively, both
    orally and in writing, with key level management officials of OBO and the Department of State (DOS), as well as employees and diverse Federal and non-Federal individuals and groups at all levels.

  • Experience and capabilities in the use of Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access).

  • Knowledge of proper English grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and syntax, and
    familiarity with DOS and office style guidance.

  • Skill in using the telephone and in conducting conversations with a variety of callers, including
    individuals both inside and outside of the organization and at a wide range of organizational levels.

  • Skill in proof reading and correcting errors in correspondence and documents reviewed for signature
    or approval by higher level officials in various offices.

  • Skill in text editing on word processing equipment,
    and in exercising independent judgment in the use of such equipment for maximum efficiency.

  • Ability to assist others in the use of word processing equipment and in formatting and organizing various types of documents.

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