Electronics technician - technical specialist


  • Full time, Immediate


  • OBO/PDCS, located at the Department of State, SA-6, 1701 N. Ft. Myer Dr., Arlington, VA, 22209.

Salary Range

$100,000 - $110,000

The contractor is considered a subject matter expert. He/she shall perform similar duties as
OBO/PDCS/DE/EE professional staff.  An Electronics Technician assigned to the Electrical Engineering
Division of OBO/PDCS/DE, the contractor develops and reviews designs, plans, and specifications for
radio frequency and acoustic shielding, telecommunications cabling distribution systems, tele-
communications equipment and devices, and audio visual systems including those of major size and
complexity requiring significant departures from previous approaches to similar projects, for use in a
variety of overseas diplomatic facilities (embassies, consulates, residences, etc.).


  • Develops project scopes of work, prepares architectural and engineering (A/E) fee estimates, and assists in the A/E contract negotiations

  • Conducts analyses to establish RF and acoustic shielding design criteria to be followed by A/E
    firms commissioned to develop designs

  • Oversees and directs the activities of contract designers and installers and ensures designs conform to National Electric Code (NEC), NSA, US military, and ASTM codes and standards as they pertain to RF and acoustical emanations, grounding, and power distribution.

  • Assists embassies and OBO construction Project Directors in the development of scopes of work for shielding services

  • Inspects and approves designs and construction work for those projects that are initiated and implemented by the various posts

  • Prepares in-house designs and develops contract documents (drawings and specifications) complete for public bid-ding

  • Analyzes proposals and bids for construction contracts, proposes design changes, and conducts construction site inspections throughout the world

  • Accompanies Diplomatic Security Teams on site security certification surveys and resolves technical shielding and grounding problems as they arise; and develops systems that both conform to technical and physical security requirements as set forth by the Bureau of Diplomatic Security (DS) and are economical and practical

  • Develops scopes of work for shielding testing, and develops independent government estimates (IGE) for negotiation of contract with independent test firms

  • Provides oral status reports to upper management, prepares special reports, and advises higher level OBO man-agers on complex shielding and grounding problems, accomplishments, and objectives

  • Travels abroad to perform on-site surveys, reviews, and in response to emergency situations

  • Travels domestically to advise architects, engineers, contractors, and suppliers of matters affecting design, fabrication, and installation of shielding systems

  • Represents the Department on technical boards, committees, and working groups, and serves as an authority on technical matters to the Department

  • Provides expert professional advice on-site at various overseas posts to render technical assistance on telecommunications systems problems, including new design work, redesign work, minor improvements, analysis of a wide variety of malfunctioning equipment, and similar professional matters.

  • Advises Department officials, the Department’s Office of Acquisition (A/LM/AQM), OBO management,
    architects, post operating personnel, and various United States Government (USG) agencies such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), the military services, etc., on shielding and grounding, and security problems related to owned or leased facilities abroad; and•  Applies continuous research efforts toward resolution of problems associated with the design, installation, operation, and maintenance of shielding systems.

  • The contractor is responsible for following DOS security standards.

  • Read the latest version of all security classification documents and shall understand how it protects
    organizational integrity and prevent unauthorized use or misappropriation of sensitive and classified material.

  • Report instances of security violations/problems to the appropriate supervisory/management officials:
    assumes full responsibility for safeguarding all classified and sensitive but unclassified material and equipment in assigned areas.

  • Assure that new developments or experimental theories are examined that enable DE to solve problems not readily treatable by standard, acceptable methods.

Reporting and Documentation:

  • Review technical submissions from other contractors and or government agencies.

  • Prepare periodic and specified written reports and provide data input in specified formats for such reports.

  • Provide input to OBO Statement of Work for design, procurement and installation services for contract Architecture and Engineering firms and construction companies.

  • Develop OBO specifications and design criteria for use on OBO projects.

  • Prepare to give briefings to all levels of management.

  • Respond to technical questions from OBO field personnel and contract architect and engineering firms.

  • Keep the COR and/or Manager informed of all major issues and concerns.

  • Assure all telecommunications aspects of projects are adequately documented.

  • Travel to assigned overseas posts.

  • Perform acceptance testing and/or troubleshooting of installation performed by others for the government.

  • Attend meetings to support OBO projects.

  • Coordinate with OBO staff in support of OBO projects.

  • Provide meeting notes (electronic submission) to the COR

  • Perform duties as assigned by COR and/or Manager.

Required Skills/Qualifications

  • Must be a U.S. citizen.

  • Bachelor’s Degree.

  • Mastery of the latest state-of-art RF and acoustic shielding applications and developments, and the ability to apply this knowledge to the integration of state- of-the-art systems into the design and construction of highly sophisticated, secure, advanced-design embassy facilities, sufficient to serve as an expert in the full range of duties concerned with design and layout of shielding systems for use in multi-story buildings, special purpose buildings owned and/or operated by OBO, and to fulfill the specialized  requirements of overseas diplomatic posts.

  • Mastery of applicable consumer statutes and regulations, as well as applicable industry standards.

  • Sufficient familiarity with electronic engineering and of a wide range of related engineering principles and practices(civil, structural and mechanical) and of architecture, to ensure that the shielding aspects of projects are designed and constructed to required standards; and the ability to apply such knowledge to a wide range of complex design, is-sues, and problems.

  • Advanced knowledge of project management principles, methodology, and processes, including budget and resource control, cost/benefits analysis, risk management, scheduling, metrics development and utilization, project life-cycle, and analysis, with the capacity to handle most day-to-day assignments while seeking expert assistance only in particularly difficult or unique situations.

  • Extensive knowledge of agency program goals and objectives, the sequence and timing of key program events and milestones, and the methods of evaluating the worth of program accomplishments.

  • Knowledge of the OBO and Federal contracting and procurement processes in both the pre- and post-award environment, sufficient to enable the contractor to participate in contracting activities and oversee actions in various phases of contract administration and closeout.

  • Ability to advise other technical and related engineering/architectural specialists within and outside the Department, as well as high level managers and decision- makers, on issues of developing, communicating, or enhancing tele-communications program delivery.

  • Skill in written and oral communication techniques in order to present technical briefings to senior
    management officials on project telecommunications requirements, and to develop requisite policy for
    contractors and CM personnel.

  • Experience and capabilities in the use of AutoCAD 2014, Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access),and Microsoft Project.

  • Ability to meet and deal in a professional, tactful and effective manner with USG management and program officials within and outside of the Department, including overseas post management officials, at all levels, as well as domestic contractor representatives and other professional and technical specialists involved in telecommunications project work, on variety of project management, contracting, and associated technical issues.

  • Ability to apply new developments in the acoustic, electromagnetic, and radio interference field to problems not readily treated by accepted, conventional methods.

Level of Effort

Hours for this full-time position will be the core hours of the Department of State: 40 hours a week, 8 hours per day.

Supplemental Hours

The position may require additional hours outside the standard CONUS (or OCONUS hours if any) as listed in the “Level of Effort” section of the SOW. Supplemental hours may not be used without prior authorization.

Security Clearance

  • TS/SCI

Travel Requirements

Travel is required for this position; however, approval is required prior to all travel. The work is mostly
sedentary. However, frequent international travel for periods 30 to 45 consecutive calendar days per trip is required, which can be extremely taxing both physically and psychologically, may involve long transits, layovers and time zone dislocation, and may involve multiple modes of air, land, rail, and water transportation to reach final destinations. There is considerable walking while traveling and the contractor must be capable of bending, crouching, stretching, etc., when making site visits. The preponderance of the work is performed in an office-type setting, with adequate lighting, heating/cooling, ventilation, and protection from the elements. However, conditions in overseas posts/facilities may vary depending on the stage of construction and the location. Travel may be to countries which typically do not have the same sanitary, healthcare, and environmental conditions that exist in most of the United States. Medical precautions in the form of inoculations or other preventive medicines are routinely required. Some overseas locations require special precautions regarding food and water consumption and personal safety.  The contractor must be available for overseas travel for extended periods of time, and to work extended work hours in conjunction with contractor schedules while at overseas project sites.  The contractor must be physically able, with reasonable and realistic accommodation where appropriate, and agreeable to conduct on-site investigation of facilities, project sites and building systems in a variety of climates, site locations, and working conditions.


OBO utilizes ProjNet to conduct design reviews and respond to construction and architecture contract firm
inquiries. The Contractor shall attend ProjNet training conducted by OBO; however, attendance must be pre-approved.

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