Fiscal Program Manager (engineering PRoject)


  • Full time, Immediate


  • Arlington, VA

Salary Range

$145,000 - $155,000

Please note that this type of Program Manager is a General Engineer or Architect with extensive Project Management experience.  This is not your typical PMP certified Project Manager.

The contractors, a General Engineer or Architect, serve as Project Managers responsible for the planning, development, and control of capital and non-capital construction, major rehabilitation, security upgrade, and lease fit-out projects at diverse overseas locations. The contractors also provide support to Real Estate in assembling the project requirement, managing the technical team and Post for the acquisition of green sites for capital and real property for lease fit-out/renovation projects.

As a General Engineer or Architect assigned to an organizational element of federal government, the contractor serves as a Project Manager responsible for providing leadership, management, technical engineering/architectural direction, guidance and advice in assigned areas, leading project development, and, following contract award and mobilization of the field team overseas, leading Washington based teams in support of the field operations that are managed by the Office of Construction Management. In furtherance of these responsibilities, the contractor performs a wide range of tasks and assignments that typically include, but are not necessarily limited to,the following:


  • Manages the planning and design efforts for new capital construction projects and major rehabilitation construction projects to existing facilities, structures, or sites worldwide; oversees all aspects of assigned project(s) from concept through planning, design and construction; and coordinates the preparation, compilation, review and approval of planning documentation and the project authorizations derived from these planning documents;

  • Oversees the work of project teams (technical teams and Architecture/ Engineering firm consultants) as assigned, and is responsible for communicating team objectives, mission, goals, problems to be solved, milestones, and procedures; prepares reports and represents the team in dealings with the customer and other elements; periodically reports to the supervisor on team and individual work accomplishments, problems, progress in completing tasks and work processes; and provides leadership to the team in exploring alternatives and determining what improvements can be made in work methods, processes and procedures;

  • Oversees and directs the documentation and preparation of technical requirements, site utilization plans, design specification, and cost estimates for assigned projects; explores and directs the collection of background information (literature, reports, and discussions with others having specialized knowledge of the issue); and consults with supervisor in evaluating information and selecting approaches to study the issues;

  • Assembles all project documentation (Project requirements, schedules, Cost estimates) for the department’s submittal of project budgets and Financial Plans

  • Coordinates and reviews the development, compilation and approval of project specific engineering/architectural criteria; leads the development of project scope, schedule, and budget; ensures that the requirements of all project stakeholders are identified and included in the planning documentation for assigned projects; and prepares or coordinates the preparation of detailed schedules for the execution of assigned projects, ensuring that all factors that will impact the schedules are identified and considered in their preparation;

  • Travels domestically and abroad as project team leader to inspect, consult, and negotiate when on-site knowledge of conditions is required;

  • Provides Course of Action documents outlining the execution strategy and assumptions for each project and develops an Acquisition Plan/Strategy for approval by A/LM/AQM; establishes and recommends project delivery methods in coordination with other offices; participates in the analysis of bids and provides input into recommendations for award of construction contracts; resolves problems submitted from the field, and makes recommendations on change orders, time extensions, cost increases, and similar contractual matters; maintains comprehensive files on active projects from date of commissioning an engineer/architect through completion of design and design-build or construction award; manages out of scope or budget engineering/architectural design changes that become necessary during construction; and participates in post occupancy evaluations as a member of an interdisciplinary team;

  • Manages the project team in the preparation of designs for the Department’s overseas facilities; coordinates project requirements with other agency engineers and architects responsible for related features; reviews and approves engineer/architect plans and specifications for adequacy and feasibility; and develops new approaches and methods to resolve serious conflicts between management requirements and engineering/architectural principles or policies;

  • Manages the preparation, review and approval of the statement of work and qualification and evaluation criteria for the selection of the project Architect/Engineer (A/E) consultant; participates in the evaluation and selection of A/E firms being considered for design and construction projects and prepares or reviews the engineering/architectural aspects of the technical provisions of A/E contracts, including project definition and criteria development; ensures that all data necessary for the successful completion of the project is provided and that all requirements are feasible; manages contracting activities for Architect- Engineering (A/E) Services to include development of the project Request for Proposals (RFP’s) and acts as advisor to commissioned engineer/architect and as point of contact/technical coordinator of projects between the Department and the posts overseas; reviews preliminary designs for conformance to agency requirements, contractual adequacy, quality of design, adherence to authorized scope and funds, technical sufficiency, and general suitability; prepares detailed technical comments; and examines and evaluates the commissioned engineer/architect’s cost estimate and recommends adjustments as necessary;

  • Prepares presentations for the A/E Pre-Selection Boards, pre-proposal conferences and manages all design phase activities including submittals review, design review conferences, and manages design competitions as appropriate;

  • Manages contracting for Design-Build (D-B) Services to include the development of project RFP’s and Fed Biz Ops notices for design build services required, evaluation of responses to the Fed Biz Ops notices, preparation of presentations for the Pre-Selection Board, and Department of State Selection Board, pre- proposal conferences and D-B contract negotiations;

  • Manages contracting for Construction Services to include the development of project RFP’s and Fed Biz Ops notices, preparation of presentations for the Pre-Selection Board, and Department of State Selection Board, preproposal conferences and contractor contract negotiations;

  • Provides expert strategic advice on requirements for the design and construction of new buildings or the rehabilitation and alteration of existing structures in a large geographical region demonstrating a high degree of innovation, creativity, imagination, resourcefulness, and technical judgment in solving problems concerning design, construction, and contractual problems in situations that are frequently without precedent;

  • Assists the Division Chief in identifying available resources for the planning and execution of project efforts and acts as a focal point and leader for the team in problem solving and implementing required actions;

  • Develops position papers and policy guidance, and develops data and technical narrative information for rapid response to inquiries from members of Congress, other Federal agencies, special interest groups, oversight groups, stakeholders, and customers; prepares and conducts special studies, evaluations, and briefings to management in the decision making process; and periodically reviews the effectiveness of these criteria, policies, and procedures and implements changes, as required, to attain lasting improvement; and

  • Manages the review of the Value Engineering study by the OBO and AE technical team and finalizes VE proposals for incorporation in the project. Participates in value engineering (VE) studies as necessary to accomplish the greatest possible cost reductions without jeopardizing the performance, quality, maintainability, reliability, standardization, or interchangeability of the product; manages the formal response for the acceptance/rejection of VE recommendations.

Required Skills/Qualifications

  • Must be a U.S. citizen.

  • Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited institution.

  • Ten years of experience. Mastery of the theories, principles, and practices of an engineering discipline (i.e., civil, electrical, industrial or mechanical) or of architecture, sufficient to serve as a recognized expert and authority in the design, development and implementation or construction, renovation, or improvement projects at government facilities around the world.Knowledge and understanding of the mission, functions and objectives of the Division, Office, Bureau and Department and the sequence and timing of key program events and milestones to coordinate work efforts, and to ensure that work is performed successfully and in a cost-effective manner and that work efforts are not duplicated.

  • Expert knowledge of project management principles and processes, e.g., budget and resource control, cost/benefit analysis, risk management, scheduling, metrics development and utilization, and analysis, in order to provide authoritative guidance in these areas; assess the quality and potential for success of projects; prioritize and integrate various projects; and resolve complex project management issues.

  • Knowledge of the Federal budget process and fiscal policies and regulations.

  • A high level of problem solving skills that typically demonstrate a high degree of innovation, creativity, imagination, resourcefulness, and technical judgment concerning design, construction, and contractual problems that are frequently without precedent.

  • Knowledge of and experience in international project management and business operations, and an understanding of how they relate to work scheduling, logistics support, construction, analysis, and reporting.

  • Extensive knowledge of and experience in engineering/architectural principles and practices in foreign countries, sufficient to enable the contractor to ensure that assigned projects are designed and built to the standards of the host country, to include knowledge of local building specifications and building codes.

  • Extensive knowledge of planning techniques and processes as they relate to facilities and their long-term use, coupled with proficiency in the management of planning, design and construction of high dollar projects including large, complex commercial, industrial and/or public works structures and facilities in the U.S. and overseas.

  • Ability to plan, program, develop and execute multi-year plans in order to ensure that complex, highly sensitive projects remain on schedule.

  • Knowledge of Federal, Departmental, and Bureau contracting and procurement regulations, policies, processes, procedures, and guidelines for Federal domestic and international facilities and construction, in order to assist with the contractor selection process and to advise and coordinate contractor performance at various Posts, combined with the ability to set forth concisely in writing, Statements of Work, specifications, and the results of technical analyses including assumptions, rationale, conclusions and recommendations.

  • Knowledge of the design, acquisition and utilization of international facilities and equipment and experience in Design Excellence.

  • Ability to plan, schedule, estimate and control the progress of engineering/ architectural implementation projects from the establishment of the initial requirements to operational readiness, including the use of automated methods of project control.

  • Highly developed oral and written communication skills in order to confer with subordinates, peers and management officials at all levels both within and outside the Agency, as well as contractors, and advise on assigned projects; develop, present, and justify program and project recommendations and suggestions; participate in and conduct lectures and briefings; articulate and defend recommendations and decisions; produce coherent reports, policy recommendations, guidelines and instructions, and explain the results of technical analysis including assumptions, rationale, conclusions and recommendations; explain budget and material needs; develop policies and procedures; develop Statements of Work; and exchange information with post personnel, contractors, and other engineers and/or architects.

  • Ability to exercise initiative and resourcefulness in communicating with engineers, architects, procurement/acquisition officers, high-level management officials, contractors, suppliers and regulatory authorities, including the ability to exercise independent judgment in evaluating the capabilities of contractors to perform services in their respective fields.

  • Ability to exercise professional judgment in developing and pursuing alternative courses of action necessary in the implementation of diverse, complex and intricate technical facilities.

  • Ability to deal with foreign governments and U.S. Embassy officials abroad in the diplomatic environment.

Security Clearance

  • Secret

Supplemental Hours

The position may require additional hours outside the standard CONUS (or OCONUS hours if any):

Travel Requirements

  • 10% travel time

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