Graphic Designer 2


  • Full time, Immediate


  • Washington, DC

Salary Range

$80,000 - $85,000


  • Perform layout of graphic design, consisting of photographic, text, and abstract illustration as well as computer graphics.

  • Create, plan, design, and prepare graphic representations to include video special effects and animated computer graphics and photography for a variety of branding and production elements.

  • Ability to design web pages

  • As required by each assignment, may direct and coordinate work for subordinates assigned to the same project.

  • Participate with higher level employees in producing more difficult portions of trial charts.

  • Study and interpret notes, photographs, sketches, etc. of a complex nature in order to develop trial charts.

  • Work out details of final illustrations after idea, medium and color treamement has been determined.

  • Assist in training new employees.

  • Qualified in such processes as operation of computer graphic equipment including computer retouching software, typography, aided design for drafting and lettering.

  • As directed, meet with outside vendors to obtain information and samples of new equipment and technologies relative to the Unit's operations.

  • Recommend to supervisor purchase of gprahic equipment and products.

  • Keep records of time and materials expended on various work projects.

  • Performs other related duties as assigned.


  • Must be a US citizen with a valid US passport

  • Artistic knowledge of high-tech graphic design for both print and viddeo imagery

  • Capable of applying principles and practices to conceive, plan and execute any of a variety of kinds of difficult and complex work assignments

  • Have knowledge of the capabilities of various art media and reproduction processes to determine which themes and subjects should be illustrated to fulfill the purpose of the illustration

  • Think of effective ways to portray complex ideas into visual form

  • Utilize an extensive variety of computer art media, state-of-the-art computer systems and software

  • Draft and produce graphics for broadcast and for print media

  • Familiarity with software for blending and applying colors, creating images with digital brushes, and digital sculpting

  • Knowledge of the methods and procedures of television operations and techniques for insuring compatibility of the finished graphic design with desired reproduction process

  • Knowledge of methods and procedures of preparing graphic products for print media.

  • Knowledge of programs sufficient to develop orignial designs and concepts of visual styles for promotional campaigns that present to a diverse audience the ideas or images desired by leadership that evoke intended responses from the viewers (excitement, concern, pride, etc.)

  • Experience in preparing detailed graphic prresentations of objects, facts, or ideas requiring the use of a variety of art media and good artistic ability.

  • One year of experience directyl related to the occupation

  • Knolwedge of Wordpress, Tableau, Sharepoint

Security Clearance

  • Secret

Travel Requirements

  • 10% travel time

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