Mid acquisition realty specialist


  • Full time, Immediate


  • Arlington, VA

Salary Range

$75,000 - $85,000

The Realty Specialist is a consultant to management regarding negotiations and assigned acquisition and disposal activities, involving all aspects of the Department’s complex and politically sensitive real property issues; personally assists with critical property negotiations; and advises regarding negotiation transactions for the acquisition and disposal of real property at U. S. diplomatic missions.

As a Realty Specialist, the contractor performs a wide range of consultative and operational realty-related responsibilities in support of the acquisition and disposal of properties at specified overseas diplomatic posts throughout the world. In furtherance of these responsibilities, the DocuSign 

contractor performs duties and assignments that typically include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following:


  • Plans, manages, and administers real property acquisitions (including purchases, leases, disposals, exchanges, gifts, and interagency transfers) regarding diplomatic properties overseas; provides assistance with negotiating and technical international realty guidance and instructions to other professionals within or outside of the Bureau, including U. S. Embassy and Consulate personnel and officials within the Department and in other foreign affairs agencies; assists with major property negotiations; and explores and investigates a wide range of property proposals;

  • Assists with negotiations with foreign government representatives and private property owners of overseas real property for the acquisition and disposal by lease, purchase, exchange, or gift, in support of U. S. diplomatic missions; assists with negotiating price and terms favorable to the United States Government (USG) and within funding limitations established for each acquisition; drafts appropriate contract documents and contacts local attorneys in order to ensure that all transactions conform to local and U. S. legal requirements and practices; contacts local and municipal officials through Post to ensure the appropriate zoning is achieved or that waivers and variances are obtained where needed; and recommends appropriate actions and follows up to ensure that authorized proposals are properly implemented;

  • Supports the official USG representative regarding real property transactions in meetings with foreign government and municipal officials, local attorneys, other real estate-related professionals, and Post officials including the Ambassador or Consul General, the Deputy Chief of Mission, the Management Counselor or Officer, and the General Services Officer;

  • Maintains a working relationship with the Office of Area Management to review the utilization of current property holdings and assess the capacity of Posts and secure their support regarding real property transactions;

  • Prepares, collects, and analyzes market data, property details, valuations, inspections, legal opinions, and information on local real estate and business practices in advance of all proposed transactions; and prepares action and information memoranda for the ultimate approval of the Director, Under Secretary for Management, and other key Departmental officials discussing or recommending specific courses of action for the acquisition of real property;

  • Maintains support from and guides U. S. Embassy or Consulate personnel in securing local real estate and legal services; and interviews attorneys, brokers, agents, inspectors, surveyors, and other professional private sector service providers in foreign countries to support real property transactions;

  • Drafts language for official USG diplomatic notes to foreign governments dealing with property issues, property rights, reciprocity issues, and the payment of property taxes and government service fees;

  • Conceptualizes, structures, and assists with negotiating agreements for complex international real estate acquisitions and disposals involving multiple U. S. agency occupants, unique diplomatic physical, and technical security issues, and government-to-government reciprocity agreements and issues, often in unsophisticated or underdeveloped real estate markets;

  • Participates as a key player on project teams, and supports teams of professionals from other disciplines on projects involving real property searches, survey and evaluations, and contract negotiations; conducts briefings for post management while on travel, and represents the team’s interests and requirements; and translates the concerns and requirements of multi-disciplinary technical teams into contract conditions or contingencies during contract negotiations, resulting in effective acquisition and disposal agreements that protect USG interests;

  • Assists with preparing comprehensive documentation, reports, and position papers on complex or controversial international real property issues for use by other agencies and senior Departmental officials, the Office of the Inspector General (OIG), the Government Accountability Office (GAO), and in response to Congressional and other Executive Branch inquiries;

  • Supports closing on transactions after all due diligence items are completed, including Congressional approval, host government approvals, and municipal approvals; arranges closing conference at Post and guides Post with local counsel through final steps to close on acquisitions or disposals, transfer funds, take or title, and proceed with registration of title in the name of the United States; and obtains all original transaction documents and title deeds from the post and delivers them to the Office of Real Property Leasing for permanent archiving; and

  • Considers established priorities, program goals, and performance indicators in performing duties, and reports on transaction status and results in support of all reporting requirements.

Required Skills/Qualifications

  • Must be a U.S. citizen with the ability to obtain and maintain a Secret 

  • Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited institution

  • Five to nine years of applicable experience

  • Mastery of the principles, practices, and methodologies of real estate transactions as applied to the acquisition and disposal of overseas real property

  • Specific knowledge of legislation and procedures of the Secure Embassy Construction and Counter-terrorism Act of 1999 (SECCA) as well as other applicable Federal statutes and regulations that apply to the acquisition and disposal of real property in foreign countries

  • Comprehensive knowledge of local laws and regulations concerning real estate transactions in various foreign countries and in the United States in order to protect the interests of the United States in such transactions

  • Demonstrated expertise in negotiating fair and equitable terms for real property acquisition and disposal and in employing innovative approaches to the acquisition and disposal of real property holdings that preserve the interests of and are most advantageous to the United States

  • Ability to analyze complex international real estate problems, articulate problems and proposals, and conceptualize innovative solutions, both orally and in writing, in a concise, accurate, and persuasive manner

  • Expert judgment in determining the effects of social, ecological, economic, political, and financial trends on international realty markets around the world

Travel Requirements

  • 10% travel time

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