Cold weather safety

Hey H4 Family! Its cold out there, which means that we need to talk about cold weather safety and injuries.

Cold weather injuries include hypothermia, frostbite, injuries due to heaters, and accidents caused by impaired physical and mental function due to extreme cold temperatures.

In order to prevent hypothermia, wear layered clothing and keep dry. You want to wear loose layers that can be removed as the temperature or physical activity increases. You don't want to get overheated and sweat because then you get wet. Being wet drastically increases the rate at which you lose body heat.

Frostbite occurs most frequently in exposed skin, but can also occur in other places due to inadequate insulation and reduced blood flow. To prevent it, wear gloves when handling materials, and cover your ears and face.

Clothing options: Synthetic materials are best cold weather because they are superior about wicking away moisture, and insulate even when wet. Wool and silk are the best natural materials. Try not to wear cotton clothing, which holds perspiration in cold weather environments.

This Army site has additional information about each of these injuries.

This site has instructions on how to layer your clothing.


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