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Cyber Security Practices for Employees

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Security Risks Associated With Social Media

Social media itself may not constitute a cyber threat, however, employees who ignore basic security practices are making it easy for cyber criminals who use social media as a reconnaissance tool, to socially engineer their victims. When an employee neglects their privacy settings and publicly posts personal or company proprietary information online, they allow cyber criminals the freedom to use that information to launch targeted attacks.

Common Security Risks Associated With Social Media Accounts:

1) Unauthorized users speaking on the organizations behalf

· Be cognizant when sharing information regarding your company on social media. Remember to check with management or the originator of the information to confirm if the information or data is approved for public release.

2) Inappropriate posting of sensitive government information

· Always confirm the classification of the information you are sharing. Even if the information

is not marked, confirm with the originator or public release authority before sharing any information online. If you notice any sensitive information posted online, report it to your security manager.

3) Social Engineering

· Remember to “think before you click.”

· Always remain vigilant regarding unsolicited messages; research the sources.

· Remember to set your spam filters on high


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