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Valuing Personnel: December 2020

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

H4 Enterprises would like to extend our appreciation and recognition of the diligent work of the following individuals:

Toney Puryear

Senior Task Lead, Mr. Toney Puryear, supports H4's government customer (402 EMXG) at Robins Air Force Base, GA. 2020 has been a milestone year for our team at Robins. With the start of our contract in late January, Mr. Puryear hit the ground running to ensure a successful transition of employees from the previous contract holder and has been a key contributor in forging a trusting and beneficial relationship with the incumbent staff and H4 Corporate.

Less than three months into our new contract, the work landscape changed drastically as Covid-19 presented many uncertainties and challenges to our daily operations. Toney exemplified what it means to be flexible and prepared for anything, while keeping a positive attitude!

It has been his attention to detail, knowledge of our customer requirements and rapport with our team that ensured mission critical tasks continued without interruption to our government customer - all the while responding to H4 internal changes while our company grew!

Mr. Puryear is a tremendous asset to the H4 family and we could not be more proud of his accomplishments and contributions.


Robert Chavis

Ft Bragg Maintenance Support Lead, Robert Chavis has performed outstanding by maintaining the exceptional high state of readiness for Operation and Maintenance of FORSCOM Marshall Hall Project.

Some of the accomplishments for Robert and this awesome Maintenance Team are:

  1. Supervising the re-stripping of 300 parking lot spaces

  2. Servicing 12 Industrial Air Handlers

  3. Upgraded 29 Electrical equipment safety rooms

  4. Fabricating Security Surveillance Workstations


Deborah Terry

Human Resources Admin Deborah (Debi) Terry continually provides excellent personnel support to ALL H4 employees. As the organization continues to grow so does the amount of need support.

Debi has consistently stepped up to meet the challenges of meeting Payroll deadlines,

maintaining personnel files and records, inputting personnel information into various Human

Resources Information Systems (HRIS) and a host of other HR related tasks to keep the

organization up and running. Truly, Deborah is an asset to the HR team and to H4 Enterprises


Odir Perla

Odir is our periodic and facility grounds cleaner. The grounds, here at HST are the most visible portion of our custodial duties but are our least reported area. This is made possible by the diligent work done by one of our most dependable employees. Odir is here everyday a 5:00 am insuring that all leaves and debris are removed from the facilities perimeter. Odir accepts every task with a smile and gives us the assurance that every assignment he’s given is done in excellence.


We at H4 Enterprises thank you all for your consistent efforts and notable work each day


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