Project analyst (manager planning division)


  • Full time, Immediate


  • Arlington, VA

Salary Range

$85,000 - $92,000

The Division provides centralized program analysis and planning services for federal government, including planning, policy development, and analysis of overseas facility requirements; development of facility plans and studies for overseas locations; and development of functional space requirement programs and scopes for new construction and major renovation projects.

As a Data Analyst at the full performance level assigned to the Master Planning Division of federal government, the contractor supports a full range of analytical and evaluative work at the maximum level of complexity in support of the Division’s overall functional management/program analysis and planning activities for real property maintenance, repairs, and upgrades, including minor improvements, special maintenance and repairs, major system replacement and security, and life/safety and other improvements; the justification of capital and major non-capital projects; and the planning and support of the development of the Bureau’s master plans. In furtherance of these responsibilities, the contractor, under the continuing mentorship of higher-graded analysts and the supervision of the Division Chief, performs tasks and assignments that typically include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following:


  • Provides expert analytical and evaluative support to all levels of customer senior management on a full range of capital and non-capital facility planning and policy development activities;

  • Assists senior management in determining which overseas posts require Facility Planning Studies, Functional Space Requirements Programs, and Special Planning Studies, decisions on which support the development of Long-Range Planning, through data analytics;

  • Gathers/analyzes a comprehensive list of all on-going or planned real estate acquisition or disposal projects at a Post and assesses prioritization required for acquisition strategies;

  • Assists with developing reproducible visualization graphics that clearly and adequately illustrate data analyses associated with each initiative or project, including highlighting any significant or noteworthy trends, or other knowledge that could be gleaned from the analyses. The raw data should be able to graphically be illustrated through excel, PowerBi, Sharepoint systems and other related data graphics platforms. This output should be readily available when requested for use by senior staff or Core Project Teams;

  • Organizes, classifies, and structures the data by maintaining and updating strategy included in the Master Reference Data (MRD). Contractor will work with appropriate systems stewards within business owners with an administrator role in order to support the development and implementation of successful cross-office processes;

  • Supports data integration efforts being led by allied stakeholders in the deployment of Opentext and TRIRIGA. The Contractor will work with other stakeholders to define business processes and recommend procedures which allow for future content to be structured and organized to fit existing structure. Contractor will validate existing content to ensure data integrity in order to provide for accurate, scalable, performance optimized, and numerically stable analysis;

  • Analyzes current and historic data including, but not limited to, photos, videos, CAD drawings, Revit models, SketchUp models, KML & KMZ files, PDFs, 3D PDFs, Word documents, PowerPoint documents, Excel documents, emails, cables, memos, meeting notes, agendas, schedules, and Microsoft Project files; Geospatial analysis (GIS) and management of relational databases, digital maps, data from global position systems, and remotely sensed imagery to organize, display, and analyze spatial data related to, but not limited to, the environment, business, planning, security, and infrastructure;

  • Assists with creating workflows that support decision making. These may include, but are not limited to, anomaly detection, pattern recognition, predictive analytics, and other support services to assist senior management and individual project Core Project Teams;

  • Performs other related tasks as assigned;

  • Establishes and maintains effective work relationships at various levels within the Office; and

  • Demonstrates interpersonal skills in presenting analysis recommendations.

  • Travel may be required for this position; however, the Contracting Officer’s Representative must approve all travel prior to the commencement thereof.  The work is mostly sedentary. However, frequent international travel for periods less than 30 consecutive calendar days per trip is required.

Required Skills/Qualifications

  • Must be a U.S. citizen

  • Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited institution

  • Five to nine years of applicable experience

  • Baccalaureate or higher degree in Information Technology, Statistics, Data Analysis, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) [or in a related field that included 60 semester hours of course work in Information Technology, Statistics, Data Analysis, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) or related disciplines of which at least (1) and 30 semester hours were in data visualization]

  • Ability to analyze and develop planning, real estate, design, and engineering criteria that may enable customer to solve problems not readily treatable by currently accepted methods.

  • Experience in data modeling, object oriented paradigm, data modeling tools, ontologies, and data performance

  • Experience and proficiency with statistical analysis methods and related statistical analysis software (i.e.- R, SPSS, MatLab)

  • Highly developed oral, graphic, and written communications skills in order to confer with and advise employees, other contractors, and officials on assigned projects; articulate and defend recommendations and decisions in a professional manner; produce coherent, well-crafted, and technically accurate reports, policy recommendations, guidelines, and instructions

  • Knowledge of the sequence and timing of program events and milestones, and methods of evaluating the value of program accomplishments

  • Mastery of ESRI ArcGIS, ArcSDE, and related open source GIS solutions. Broad professional knowledge of Federal geospatial data standards and use of relational databases for managing and processing data

  • Ability to use computer systems, software, databases, and update implementation plans

  • Knowledge of a range of engineering, geography, physical sciences, and mathematical and statistical sciences. For example, architecture, civil structural, mechanical, electrical, and environmental engineering, computer engineering, hydrology, natural resource management, geology, geophysics, topographical sciences, cartography, land surveying, calculus, statistics, and algebra

  • Experience with process mapping and workflow visualization tools such as Visio

Security Clearance

  • Secret

Travel Requirements

  • 10% travel time

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