Project Manager (Engineering PRoject)


  • Full time, Immediate


  • Arlington, VA

Salary Range

$140,000 - $150,000

Position Summary

The Project Scheduler is responsible for providing and directing expert planning, scheduling and analysis service in all phases of the project/program planning and execution. They contribute engineering expertise to multi-discipline teams of design and construction professionals in providing services to the Division.

Project Coordination and Documentation

In furtherance of these responsibilities, the Project Scheduler performs a wide range or project planning and review responsibilities that include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following:

  • Serves as a Project/Program Scheduler with the responsibility for evaluating, planning and developing forecasts of time and resources needed for design and engineering projects. Based on these factors, and in consideration of other assigned programs and projects in process and projected, develops optimum assignment and completion schedules;

  • Provides professional engineering advice to peers, subordinates, or non-professional administrators or managers on facility, structure, and/or engineering projects. Provides expert advice or guidance on projects characterized by constantly, or sometimes greatly, changing physical environment or other similar variables and unknowns affecting planning and design criteria and critical problems with respect to costs and economics;

  • Maintains a close relationship with the Project Managers and other involved technical professionals to develop and establish project planning and execution schedules for new construction and major rehabilitation projects. Included in project execution schedules are (a) determination of project execution type; (b) determination of project activities or tasks (work breakdown structures) and their dependent relationships; (c) development of network logic models; (d) utilization of CPM/PERT techniques to determine anticipated time for each project activity; and I calculation of requirements for project resource allocations (manpower, finance and time);

  • Provides technical guidance to Project Managers in reviewing and validating project planning and execution schedules and in responding to special reporting requirements;

  • Develops improvements in planning and scheduling techniques and monitors progress and results whether pre-formed in-house or by contract;

  • Provides critical review and analyses of project progress reports to identify any problems or concerns that may affect the timely completion off a project’s planning. Investigates to determine the cause and circumstances of delays and reports these to the project managers or other appropriate officials in a timely manner so that corrective measures may be taken;

  • Evaluates scheduling baseline data and incorporates salient factors into design considerations and solutions, evaluates basic project objectives, and identifies most economical and efficient procedures for project execution and performance considering all influences;

  • As a recognized authority in the engineering or architectural field the incumbent provides expert technical advice on requirements for scheduling the planning, design and construction of new buildings or the rehabilitation and alteration of existing structures;

  • Assists the Division Chief in identifying available resources for the planning and execution of project efforts and acts as a focal point and leader for the team in problem solving and implementing required actions;

  • Performs additional assignments, studies and special projects at the direction of the supervisor

Reporting and Documentation

For each assigned project, the contractor shall:

  • Assure that Project Schedules assigned reflect accurate and complete scope, schedule milestones, and conform to established templates;

  • Prepare periodic and specified written reports and provide data input in specified formats for such reports;

  • Prepare and give briefings to management;

  • Keep the COR and/or Division Chief informed of all major issues and concerns;

  • Assure all aspects of the projects (e.g., authorized funding and changes) are adequately documented; and

  • Coordinates with the Project Analysis Division (PA) schedulers to ensure project schedules are kept current and reflect accurate dates and project milestones; and

  • Report instances of security violations/problems to the appropriate supervisory/management officials assumes full responsibility for safeguarding all classified and sensitive but unclassified material and equipment in assigned areas.


The Project Scheduler will have 8-10 years of experience and must have expert knowledge of principles, and practices of construction, architecture, and engineering that enable the contractor to serve as an expert in project scheduling. Further, the Project Scheduler shall be a U.S. Citizen and exercise appropriate management controls over entrusted assets and operations in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.


Must possess a bachelor’s degree in the field of Architecture or Engineering; or have expert knowledge of advanced planning and scheduling methodologies and their application to engineering program and project management principles including PERT, CPM, LOB, GANTT, Systems Analysis; Tiered Scheduling; resource loading/leveling; and performance management analysis.

Security Clearance

  • Secret

Travel Requirements

  • 10% travel time

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