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Awarded $23B IDIQ Contract from Department of Veterans Affairs

Updated: Jan 18

We are delighted to share the thrilling news that H4 ENTERPRISES is proud to be in partnership with Aspire-LUKE JV, LLC, the recipient of a significant achievement—a 10-year, $23 billion (IDIQ) contract with the esteemed Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)! This milestone not only marks the success of Aspire-LUKE JV, LLC but also signifies the strength and commitment of our collaboration. As a key player in Team Aspire-LUKE, H4 ENTERPRISES is enthusiastic about the opportunity to contribute to the fulfillment of this substantial VA contract. Our partnership is grounded in the shared goal of providing unparalleled mission-driven care to our veterans over the next decade. This achievement is a testament to the dedication, expertise, and collaborative spirit of both Aspire-LUKE JV, LLC and H4 ENTERPRISES. Together, we look forward to making a lasting impact and ensuring that the Department of Veterans Affairs receives the highest standard of service and support. We are honored to be part of this significant venture and are committed to upholding the values of excellence and integrity throughout the duration of this remarkable 10-year contract.

H4 ENTERPRISES is so proud to be a part of Team Aspire-LUKE, ready to do our part to deliver mission-driven care to our veterans! #AspireLUKEJV #VeteransCare #HealthcareExcellence

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