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Welcome H4 Enterprises President

Today, we proudly introduce Dr. (Colonel (retired)) Yolanda Hines, an exceptional

34-year veteran of the U.S. Army. Colonel Hines recently retired after a

distinguished career, including her role as Chief of Logistics, Financial Management

and Comptroller, installation, Energy, & Environment for the Office of Enterprise

Management (OEM). Her journey began as a Prescribed Load List clerk, and she

advanced through diverse roles, becoming a beacon of leadership.

Colonel Hines’s career saw her serve in crucial assignments across various units,

from Budget Analyst at U.S. Army Special Operations Command to Comptroller for

the 10th Special Forces Group in Baghdad, Iraq. Her deployments, including

Operation Iraqi Freedom, exemplify her commitment to serving others.

Throughout her service, Colonel Hines witnessed the evolving role of women,

especially for Black females. Despite challenges, her dedication and resolve led her

to achieve success while inspiring those around her. She encourages young women

to believe in their abilities, work diligently, and pursue excellence. She attributes

her journey to the goodness of God.

Now, we are privileged to welcome Dr. (Colonel (Retired)) Yolanda Hines, as the

President of H4 Enterprises. Her journey, anchored in resilience and determination,

sets a profound example for our team. We extend our gratitude for her service,

inspiration, and leadership. Together, let us embrace the path she blazed with the

hope she ignites for a brighter future.

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